CWU SI Cover

CWU Group Specified Illness
(Currently closed to new members)
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Peace of mind when you need it most

CWU Specified Illness Benefits Included

  • 48 different specified illnesses covered
  • Covers ‘partial payment’ specified illnesses
  • Same premium for all (including smokers)
  • Automatic children’s cover (from age 1 to 21)

In-Benefit –
Members & Spouses
Retired & Spouses –
Retired Branch
Retired & Spouses –
(not in Retired Branch)
Adult cover Full Benefit Additional Benefit Full Benefit Additional Benefit Full Benefit Additional Benefit
18 to 34 € 50.000 € 10,000
35 to 44 € 45,000 € 7,500
45 to 54 € 20,000 € 5,000 € 10,000 € 5,000
55 to 64 € 15,000 € 2,500 € 5,000 € 2,500
Child cover € 20,000 € 5,000
Members is €3.94 per week.
Spouses is €3.94 per week. Including Children’s Illness Cover €20,000 (ages 1 to age 21).
If you are a member of the CWU aged under 60 yrs, you are eligible to apply.
Cover will only commence when deductions from your salary/wages begin. Certificates of Scheme Membership will be issued to all enrolled Members.
In the event of the diagnoses of one of the 48 specified illnesses the appropriate benefit (depending on your age) will be paid.
Cover will cease if one or more of the following arise:-
1 Payment of premiums is discontinued
2 You cease to be a member of the CWU
3 You pass the age of 65

Cover can be maintained during a career break provided the premiums are paid.

HALLIGAN INSURANCES should be contacted one month in advance of career break giving full details of the circumstances and a decision will then be obtained. The maximum duration of a career break allowed during which cover may be maintained is one year.

Your Union is committed to providing you with the best possible cover at the lowest rate available. If you would like further details on this or other Schemes, please ask your Union Representative or contact Halligan Insurances.

The CWU Specified Illness Scheme is arranged by Halligan Insurances.
Enquires please call: 01 8797 100. 
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