GSRMA Group PA Scheme

Specially designed for GSRMA members and provides a tax-free cash lump sum in the event of your death, loss of limb, hearing, sight or speech following an accident.

There are no waiting periods and you’re covered 24 hours a day
anywhere in the world

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*Cover applies up to 85 years of age.

BENEFITSPER insured Person
Accidental Death€10,000
Loss of one limb or one eye€10,000
Loss of both eyes or two limbs or loss of one eye and one limb€10,000
Loss of speech€10,000
Loss of hearing in both ears€10,000
Loss of hearing in one ear€2,500
Hospitalisation€30 per day up to 365 days
(deferment period 1 day)
Fracture to Arm (a full break of humerus, radius, ulna or wrist)€500
Fracture to Leg (a full break of femur, patella, tibia, fibula or ankle)€1,000
Burns covering 27% or more of the body€2,000
Burns covering 18% to 27% of the body€1,500
Burns covering 9% to 18% of the body€1,000
Burns covering 4.5% to 9% of the body€500
1. When more than one form of payment results from one accident, the benefit from each are added together and no more than €10,000 shall be paid.
2. Hospitalisation must be for longer than 24 hours for a claim to be eligible under section B.
3. For Executive Council members there is double cover should an accident occur whilst attending, travelling to/from official GSRMA meetings.