In the event of a Storm
• Put away or tie-down garden furniture and loose items (particularly barbeques and trampolines.)
• Secure gates and shed doors so they do not swing dangerously in the wind.
• Keep gutters and drains clear so that rainwater can drain away.
• Unplug all unnecessary appliances to avoid damage from power surges.
• Bring children and pets indoors
• Draw blinds on windows to protect against shattering glass
• Prepare for possible loss of utilities by making sure you have candles and/or torches
• In a blackout, your mobile phone can also provide a light source
• After the storm passes, check for any damage

Thunder & Lightning
• Unplug electrical goods except for lights
• Storms can be frightening, especially to children and pets so keeping calm will reassure them and allow you to better deal with the situation.
• Draw the blinds on windows
• Prepare for possible loss of utilities by making sure you have candles and/or torches
• Stay away from windows and doors

Heavy Rain/Flash Floods
• Clear the gutters, down-pipes and drains
• Check the attic for leaks
• Check that windows and doors are watertight
• Switch off gas, electricity and water if your home is likely to become flooded as this will reduce the risk of fire, electrocution and further damages.
• Ensure that any valuable or sentimental items are stored upstairs or in the attic so flood water cannot reach and damage them.
• If necessary, use barriers e.g. sandbags, flood boards, floodgates and airbrick covers etc. Ideally, you should have your own supply in place in case emergency services cannot reach you.
• Have empty containers ready in case of a leaking roof
• Floodwaters can become contaminated with sewage, so try to avoid direct contact
• Plug sinks, bathtubs and low-level shower trays and weigh them down to prevent backflow – do not try to drain floodwater with these.
• Have protective clothing and rubber boots at the ready
• Don’t go into a room if electrical cables or outlets are underwater, or if you hear unusual noises
• After flooding, check if the water supply is safe to drink before using it

We expect to provide you with a full service in all cases and especially if Lorenzo lands.

In the event of you making a claim you should contact our office on 01-879 7100, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding public and bank holidays).

Our Emergency Claims Helpline Number is 01-693 1020 – this is an out of hours number and will operate after 5pm until 9am the following day and also a 24 hours service will operate on Saturdays and Sundays, and on any public or bank holidays.

I trust the foregoing is helpful in caring for your property.