Home Disclosure & Assumptions


You (or any member of your household):

  • Have not in the past three years made a household insurance claim or had a claim made against you.
  • Have not been convicted of or charged with any criminal offence other than a minor driving offence.
  • Have not been refused insurance, had any special terms imposed, had insurance cancelled or had renewal refused.

The Property (to be insured):

  • Is owned by you and it is the permanent residence of You and/or of a member of your immediate family
  • Is in a good state of repair and will be so maintained and is currently occupied. (This assumption will be considered true if the house has been just purchased for immediate occupation by you i.e. within 28 days of purchase - cover during such period being limited to fire only).
  • Is not in the course of construction.
  • Is not undergoing renovation or refurbishment
  • Is built of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slates, tiles, metal, asphalt or concrete
  • No more than 20% of the roof is flat.
  • No more than 20% of the roof is roofed with mineral felt.
  • The property is located on a site that does not exceed 2 acres in size.
  • Has never been previously flooded nor is it in an area which has previously flooded or is particularly exposed to flood damage.
  • The buildings are not within 250 metres of a river, stream, tidal water or any other watercourse
  • Has never shown any sign of damage by subsidence, heave or landslip, coastal or river erosion nor has it ever been underpinned.
  • Has never been monitored for subsidence, heave or landslip, coastal or river erosion nor has it ever been subject to a survey which mentions settlement or movement of the premises, nor has it been underpinned.
  • Is not used for business or commercial purposes. However, office work carried out at home is permitted provided the business does not have any employees working at the insured property and it does not involve regular visits to the property by the public.
  • Will not be regularly left unattended overnight.
  • Is a single dwelling unit.
  • Was built after 1920.
  • Is not a listed building or protected structure.
  • Is within the boundaries of the Republic of Ireland.
  • Is protected with mortice locks or deadlocking rim locks to external doors and there is appropriate security on patio doors, French doors and on ground floor and other accessible windows.
  • Where Contents cover is selected, the contents sum insured chosen does not include any High-Value Items with an individual value exceeding €3,000 or 5% of the contents sum insured (whichever is greatest).
  • Caravan/Mobile Home cover is not required (this cover is not available for quotation online).
  • Has No Tenants or paying guest residing there.
  • The property being insured is your main residence.
  • Your previous home insurance policy for this property did not expire more than 12 months ago. Please note that this requirement does not apply if you are purchasing your first home insurance policy.
  • Your buildings will be insured for the total reinstatement cost including all fixtures and fittings and domestic outbuildings/garage


  • Policy excesses will apply, please check the on-screen notes
  • The Buildings Sum Insured chosen represents the full reinstatement or rebuilding value of the property to be insured.
  • Online quotations will only be available where Buildings & Contents cover is selected (at a minimum), for all other quotations, please contact us.

* I agree if I cancel after the cooling period a €25 cancellation fee will be deducted from any refund due to me as a result of the insurance policy being cancelled.

Disclosure Requirements

Failure to disclose all material information (i.e. information likely to influence the assessment and acceptance of your Proposal) or providing false information could result in one or more of the following actions:

  • your policy being cancelled;
  • your policy being treated as null and void;
  • a claim not being paid;
  • claims paid being recovered from you;
  • you become liable for additional premiums which the insurer reserves the rights to collect;
  • Terms and Conditions of the policy being amended.

Should any of these actions be taken against you, then you will be obliged to disclose this on any future request for cover or quotation, which may cause you difficulty in trying to purchase insurance elsewhere. Also, failure to have property insurance in place could lead to a breach in terms and conditions attaching to any loan secured on that property. If you are in any doubt whether any information is material, it should be disclosed.