Halligan Insurances Renewal Notice Discrepancy

Halligan Insurances Renewal Notice Discrepancy

Effecting Home Insurance ERGO Customers with a renewal in April 2024.

Dear customer,

I refer to the above and wish to bring to your attention a discrepancy in your upcoming household renewal notice, which you will receive by post on or around 1st March 2024.

Your renewal notice is designed to inform you on any changes that have occurred throughout the year that can affect your premium and the level of cover in force on your property, such as rate changes or indexation on sums insured due to inflation.

In addition, your renewal notice also allows easy comparison of the current renewal premium for the year ahead with the previous year’s renewal premium. It is in this section where we identified the discrepancy.

Your renewal notice is showing your correct 2024 premium, but due to a coding issue, it is comparing it to your 2022 renewal premium, not your 2023 premium.

Apologies for this error, but please note that the amount outlined as your 2024 renewal invitation premium is correct.

Being mindful of our carbon footprint, we will not be issuing an updated renewal notice by post, but we can email an updated renewal notice on request.

Please feel free to contact our dedicated Household Insurance Team on 01-8797100 or info@halligan.ie so that they can assist you with any queries you may have with your renewal.

Apologies again. We thank you for understanding and for your continued business.

Brian Halligan

Managing Director